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Manny Sanchez- Owner

Coming into the automotive business happened sort of by surprise for many. He was in my first year of college taking business courses, but unfortunately for him college was not making him happy. Manny was working several jobs to make ends meet. His uncle was a master technician at a Volkswagen dealer in Alexandria, Virginia at the time and approached him with talk of coming on as his trainee. His uncle was hoping he could interest him in a skill that would serve him well. Little did he know he would he would make this his career. Going in he knew nothing of car repair other than he loved driving. After a year under his uncles tutelage got the Dealership interested in sending him to classes sponsored by the factory. He was with VW of Alexandria for 2 years and then took a position with a Porsche Audi Dealer. That would be where he would get most of his formal training in which would eventually gain him his master Porsche status. In 2000 he decided to go out on his own and start his own business. Manny has many hobbies which consists of spending time with his two sons, being a yoga instructor, having his own band, traveling and of course weekend rides on his Harley! A word from Manny: “What I have learned and enjoyed through the years of being an entrepreneur is the ability to offer personal services and get to know the clients that I have had the pleasure to serve. I found out that I can offer much more to clients than I ever could working for the dealerships. So I continue to do what I do best, to look forward into the future and serve the communities automotive needs in any way I can.”

Nelson Desousa- Owner

Nelson’s interest in cars and motorcycles dates back ever since he can remember. Nelson started working on cars as a young child with his father. His father owns an automotive repair shop in Washington DC which meant Nelson took every opportunity he could to go to work with his father. In high school he attended Thomas Edison High School of Technology in the automotive program. During his time at Thomas Edison, Nelson competed in many automotive challenges with fellow students from all over the eastern shore. He was accepted in the Automotive Youth Educational Systems and was nominated to be a member of the National Technical Honor Society. He started working at Airpark Auto Service in the fall of 2005. After being with them for over seven years he took the step in buying into the company and becoming part owner of the shop. Nelson’s love for cars shows in every job that he does. He makes sure the highest quality work is performed on every car he works on. Nelson enjoys playing soccer, scuba diving, snowboarding and riding his motorcycle. He has a passion for historic BMW’s. As of January 2013, Nelson and Manny joined forces to carry on the Airpark Auto Service name. A word from Nelson: “My passion for cars and helping people really show in the type of work I do. I make it a goal to get to know our customers in a personal level and establish trust with the customer. My goal is to make customers feel comfortable and also assure them that their car will be safe driving down the road.”

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